Oratory Contest

The Council of French Societies organizes its oratory contest on Saturday November 10th, 2012 at Ecole Bilingue as of 9:00am. All current high school students of French language in the greater New Orleans area are invited to participate.

Participants will be given two to three minutes to recite, in French, a memorized or thoroughly prepared selection of his or her choice.

Students will be judged in the following divisions :

1. Immersion Division : Students who have been educated in any of the various immersion programs nationwide, who have French parents, or who have lived in a francophone country for a significant part of their life.
2. Non-Immersion Division : Students who have learned French as a foreign language in private or public schools in classes lasting an hour per day.

Winners and their teachers will be expected to attend an awards ceremony which will take place in the week following the contest. They may also be asked to participate in French advocacy projects and/or attend French cultural events throughout the year.

The prizes are :

Premier prix : $200
Deuxième prix : $150
Troisième prix : $100

For more information, please contact Mrs. Brigitte Gomane at

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